Custom Web Site Development Web sites for small businesses & teams

Small business owners need web sites that work for them. We build custom-crafted web sites that are tailored to match your products and services - and the way you work.

A few decades of experience has taught us some truths:

  • Build a site that works for that user
  • Put functionality first
  • Build only what you need
  • Build it well
  • Fill it with quality content
  • Have a bit of fun along the way
  • One size does not fit all


Pssst! It's almost our 10th anniversary! Whodathunkit?

  • What We Do


    We give you control of your web site.

    In House Logic creates effective, customized web sites to meet the needs of your team.

    We make it possible for you to update and maintain your own site content:

    Add a blog article, post a new testimonial, change your business information, feature a new product - all yourself!

  • Why We're Different

    (In a good way!)

    It's tailored to fit your project.

    We hand-build a customized site using a Canadian-made CMS to fit your project requirements. We don't use an off-the-self Content Management System (CMS) and then try to make your site fit into it. By not relying on 3rd-party plug-ins we increase your site security, reduce maintenance hassles and give you better control over your project.

    Why is that good?

    It makes your site work better.

  • Get Started


    Come in, explore...

    Visit our project gallery, request a web design quote, or just read the news. Let us know how we can help your small business.

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